My grandma struggles to navigate technology with a mouse, track-pad, or touch screen. My family hesitated when she asked for an Alexa, but she navigated through conversation with ease. At first, it was second nature but early stages of dementia made remembering the specifics of prompting a voice ai difficult. I want to leverage the capabilities of a voice ai to benefit the daily life of persons with dementia and their care partners.

Summer 2018
What you see below
Capstone concept, research, interviews, insights, content, plan

Fall 2018
In progress
Prototype, testing, interviews

Spring 2019
What is to come
Revised prototype, final workbook, beautiful presentation

Primary Audience

A culmination of observation, expert and personal interviews.

What I just did informs what I do next.
… But what if I’m not sure what I just did?

Aid routine and add clues to help piece together answers.

Secondary Audience

People all over the world are a part of this audience. This is also a culmination of observation, expert and personal interviews.

Independence for persons with disease
and comfort for care partners

Lessen the burden on care providers, allowing peace of mind time for self care.


Connecting the audience with device capabilities, I found the touchpoints with the Amazon Echo device that would be most beneficial to primary and secondary audiences.

Moving Forward

I have created prototypes and done format research to fit the audience needs. I will soon be testing these quick prototypes on family and persons with disease that I’ve connected with through the Alzheimer’s Association of Cincinnati.

Additional Work