I was prompted to design an interactive system to improve personal well-being with self-reflection, self-reporting, or behavioral change without amplifying the noise of anxiety. I noticed through personal experience how difficult it is to stay connected with loved ones and wanted a method to stay in meaningful contact.


Self Tracking

I collected information for two weeks on my communication habits with anyone long distance. I used this data to narrow my focus and find areas to do further research in.

day, person, medium, length, time since, who initiated, place, time, notes, feelings

Visualizing the data

schedule vs. daily rating of goal progress
growth of social circle vs. mood
methods of contact by x: days y:# of people


I talked to other young adults and college students to compare their experiences with my own. Everyone seems to have a problem remembering to call Mom! I combined everyone’s stories into three personas.


Tina is an international student and has a hard time talking to friends and family because of time differences. She can go long periods without speaking if school is busy.

Methods: WeChat, WhatsApp, Video Message

People: Immediate Family, Core friends


Elliot speaks with a couple groups friends at least once a month.Elliot has a hard time reaching out to friends because he doesn’t want to interrupt their busy lives.

Methods: Call, Text, In person

People: Two friend groups


Caroline is four hours from where her family and boyfriend live. She stays in contact but has shallow texting conversations which don’t help her to feel connected.

Methods: Call, Text, Snapchat

People: Immediate Family, Boyfriend


Experience Map



The circles are information interventions when the service will begin and how it will change the decisions of the user. To the left are storyboards that show in context scenarios where there are touch points with the service.

interventions - when service begins and how user responds
storyboard - in context touch points

Paper Prototype and Testing


Wireframe Prototype and Testing


Composition Exploration


Design Direction


Additional Work