I work as a product designer at Homee on Demand. The company has a consumer facing app and a provider app, both in the process of growing and improving. I look at adding and changing features, streamlining use of a symbols library, and updating to a newer style. This is an example of work that I complete within 2 week sprints.


Since this was a new feature to the app, I first looked at competitors and other successful apps to see how their referral programs worked. I recorded and took screenshots of the architecture, copy, style, and methods of sharing and sending. After analyzing the successes and failures of these different apps, I presented Homee’s best method of implementation.

current partner code entry and creation
uber architecture
lyft architecture
creation of posts
social posts
receiving - email
takeaways and suggested architecture
options for integration

Defining Usage and Terminology

There was a great need to define for business, dev, and design what “code” meant and what different types were existing and arriving in the near future. I created a spreadsheet and circulated it throughout the company to create one agreed upon list of codes.

understanding existing and new usage and terminology of "codes"

New Architecure

The new build has a section accessed through the menu called “Get Rewarded” where users can share referral codes and create a partner code to share. You can apply any codes you receive from partners or for promotions under the payment section of your profile! They can be applied easily when you view receipts.

sharing and creating
applying to profile and receipts
receiving referral code

Adding the Homee touch

The design team was in the midst of defining a new illustration style to be used app-wide. I created options for the addition of people into our illustration collection. Here are the explorations. Additionally, I added some flare to the copy seen in these flows since it is a social addition to the app.

In the App

The new feature is in current testing build of the app and will roll out in future production builds. Homee’s great development team worked on this weeks after I annotated and provided necessary materials for them to work.

Referring a Pro
applying a promo

Additional Work