I worked on an internal passion project for Punchcut in between client work. I wanted to learn more about artificial intelligence and machine learning in today’s workplace. I delivered an insights and opportunities presentation and google sheets document outlining where cognitive automation can live within the company, leaving more time for the work we want to do. Yay for efficiency!

Days in the Life

I talked to various folks around the office to get an idea of their daily tasks, pain points, and successes. I wrote all of their tasks on post-its and created an affinity diagram. This helped me in identifying common areas between employees that are particularly time consuming or frustrating.

affinity diagram - combined similar tasks, and created sections - post-its color coated by persons

Personas and Experience Maps

I combined common experiences into three personas for our workplace. I mapped out there daily frustrations and points of ease to see which areas should have the highest priority between all personas.

x: daily schedule with tasks and opportunities plotted underneath y: mood

Areas of Opportunity

I synthesized all the tasks from the affinity diagram and spreadsheet, including points of opportunity that employees identified. This gave me six areas of opportunity in Punchcut’s workplace to explore automation further.

1. Scheduling
2. Notes + File management
3. Meetings
4. Internal + Client Comm.
5. Design
6. Punchcut

Ai Labs

I hosted a labs session for the workplace to learn more about automation in our workplace. I talked about where the areas of opportunity are and created a sketch template for them to ideate on. After the sketching session, I had volunteers come up and act out the sketches. This is an important step to create a seamless and human experience when communicating with ai.

Area: Notes & File Management
Area: Design
Area: Scheduling
Acting it out: Chelsea and Jared
Acting it out: Emilio and Eric

Opportunities and Insights

I delivered these visuals, along with an living google sheets document, to identify where to begin including automation and what ideas the company has generated around it. It’s a jumping off point for future employees to add skills to Punchcut’s existing ai.

Categorized lists of ideas around areas of opportunity with a blue tag for ideas that could fit into current ai, Big Pun - also delivered as a spreadsheet 😉

Additional Work