I chose to work on a primarily analog interaction project, and what’s better than games? Will Winner was an interaction exploration looking at the analog game Love Letter and connecting it’s mechanics to a new theme and skin.

Understanding Game Mechanics

The best kind of research – playing a game. I analyzed Love Letters and intricacies of the theme while playing the game with others. I took note of repeated actions and meanings behind the game play.

Love Letter - Be the only suitor to get your letter to the Princess.
basic and strategic actions
mapping out card dynamics
what makes up a game and common tropes
Time scale and goals of Love Letter

Theme Exploration

Once I understood the interactions, I was able to draw connections between the game and other situations. I iterated on new themes that could fit in with the intricacies of the game. Something great about interaction design is altering a user’s decisions and seeing what other actions that can stem. I iterated on a new card to add to the strategy of game play. I tested these out with my prototypes.

Testing Themes

I refined my theme ideas and selected Will Winner. The real life situation connected with the interactions found in Love Letter. I tested out iterations of the different cards by playing. I also tried different scenarios with the new cards to see how the strategy would be affected.

Design Exploration

I experimented with different designs to play with the controversial theme. I wanted the design to contrast the seriousness of the subject with bright colors and bold shapes.

The New Game

In Will Winner, you are siblings competing for favor in your relatives’ last Will and Testaments the day before they die. The cards contrast the serious theme with comical illustrations forming the shapes of the card numbers.

will winner

who WILL inherit it all?

Sibling rivalry is heating up.

Additional Work